Bento Boxes: Pirates

We were learning about Japan, and I all I could think of for a fun food was fake sushi. But then I remembered Bentos, which originated in Japan. Bentos are usually lunches that parents make for their kids that are almost too cute to eat. You usually put them in a sectioned dish and they have a theme. I decided to try my hand at making one for the kids. I chose a pirate theme, and made a pirate head out of tortilla, cheese and salami. shredded carrots were his hair and his eyes were sliced cheese stick. I had sword picks on hand, which were perfect for sticking through chunks of fruit. Lastly, I made a Pirate ship out of brownie, with blue M& M water. They liked them so much, that I have been asked by my son to make many more. IMG_5706

A Pirate themed Bento lunch


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