Mickey Monday: Wishes

We had never done a Mickey Monday with a fireworks theme before!

Decor: I decorated with leftover party decorations from my last birthday. I brought out all kinds of leftover decorations, streamers and napkins, star confetti and blow-outs. I also had bought changing color light up balls and a fun fire-work lookalike for the middle of the table. We listened to Wishes music throughout the night.

Dessert for Dinner!
Dessert for Dinner!


I was as surprised as the kids that we were only having dessert for dinner. WHAT?!? But my husband explained that he was thinking of the special dessert buffets that Disney throws (for a price), like the Wishes fireworks dessert buffet and the new Illumination dessert buffet. We had ice cream, too. I made the kids have milk with dinner.

Wishes Mickey Monday
Wishes Mickey Monday.
Blowing out the sparking candles!
Blowing out the sparking candles!

IMG_5750After “dinner”, we headed outside with 2 giant confetti blasters. This was as close to fireworks as we got. My son sat on the deck covering his ears. In the end, My husband was the only one strong enough to make the things pop! We also did the Soda Explosion with mentos and diet soda. That turned out to be anti climatic. There are bunches of science experiments we could have done, but I had packing to do! But first, mom & kids did some crafts!

IMG_5771 IMG_5767 IMG_5769 Then we went inside and made firework art projects with glue& glitter and paint & pipe-cleaners on black paper until it was time for bed.

I let my son take some glowsticks into his bath tonight for fun. The glow balls we had at dinner were for a pool, so he got to float them in his glow in the dark bath, too.

Best of all, there were only 2 days left until we were leaving for WDW!
Best of all, there were only 2 days left until we were leaving for WDW!

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