Disney Secrets: Free cards

I’ll just come right out and say that although we had a great idea for our 9 days til disney activity, we never did it. Our activity was to make a card for some of your favorite characters.(to give them when we met them at WDW)

But that’s ok, you can’t do it all.And we actually discovered a way for our kids to get cards of their own to keep, for free!

We have been going to WDW since our honeymoon in 1999, and I’m still finding new things. As we stood waiting for the monorail, another guest told my daughter to ask the cast member attending the monorail if he had a card. What? We were clueless, but with mom’s help, she bravely asked them for one. He gave her a card the same size as a baseball card with a picture of a character and some trivia information on the back. It turns out, they have a card for all different transportation. They have several that you can only ask for on boats, including the friend ship at Epcot, and one for each different colored monorail. They also have them on the buses, although we didn’t ride the bus on our last visit, so that’s just going on what I heard. So, my kids got into collecting these cards, and started going up to cast members without hanging on me, which they are not usually brave enough to do, and asking for cards. Sometimes, you will get a double, and sometimes, the cast member doesn’t have a card. This was just a fun, extra thing for the kids.  There are bunches of things like this, that you will never know unless someone tells you. IMG_8654 IMG_8655


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