Hidden Mickey at Home

As most everyone knows, Disney hides Mickeys in their decor and all around at their theme parks and resorts. It’s fun to look for them, and fun to stumble upon them when you aren’t even looking for them. My kids spot hidden Mickeys outside of Walt Disney World’s borders as well. Yes, we have enjoyed finding them in Disney movies, our latest being Frozen, which has a bunch, but we also spot them in bubbles floating on top of the water, pictures taken while standing in front of objects, designs that naturally appeared in the knots of wood-grain….we can find hidden Mickeys everywhere! It’s fun to point them out to each other. For our 13 days til Disney game day, I used a scrap-booking punch of the shape of Mickey’s head, and punched a bunch of Mickeys out of blue and green paper. Then I hid them all around the house and let the kids loose to find them. They raced all around the house, diligently seeking, and having fun at the same time. Go figure, it was one of the easier activities I had planned. Those always seem to be the most enjoyable. Keep it simple.


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