A Disney Song Challenge

Disney World Countdown: 15 Days til Disney
Play name that Disney movie by hearing a snippet of a song & recognizing it!

You tube ended up being my friend for this. Just searching for “Disney song challenge”, we were able to find some fun videos that played a snippet of a song, and gave us the answers at the end. It’s pretty hard to stump us, but we found a few challenging videos. Sometimes you might need to have paper and a pencil ready! I liked this one, even though I missed about 6. It gives you a little bit of time to guess and then gives you the answer right away, instead of making you wait until the end of the video.     http://youtu.be/x9oY28kmzJU

For this one, you will need a paper and pen. I only missed the first one, the kids missed several! http://youtu.be/ifehiGA_2K0

About this time, we were getting our MagicBands, which makes it seem so REAL!



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