You’re never too old to be a Princess

There are so many things we can learn from Disney princesses. I think that recently Disney has made their characters a lot deeper and have really taught some good morals. With our countdown at only 18 days until our trip, I gathered together little lessons we could learn from princesses. Here was the result: Princess Devo.

Speaking of Princesses…

My daughter has always loved to dress up. But it gets a little complicated when you are a tween. You really want to look cool, and apparently, it’s just not cool to dress up like a Disney Princess when you are 12. But we discovered Disney Bounding a few years ago, and it was the answer. Disney Bounding is dressing like any disney character you want, but in a subtle, modern way. She dresses like this at home, just for fun. But this past Disney vacation, she decided that she wanted to Disney Bound almost every day. Sometimes, everyone who looks at her can tell immediately that she’s a character, for example, the day at Epcot when she dressed like one of her favorite princesses.


And this outfit, that we actually put together for her birthday party 6 months earlier.( More on that in another post.)IMG_7735 IMG_7645

But other times, no one realizes she’s dressed as a character!

IMG_6822 She’s Anna from Frozen!

IMG_6701 IMG_6703

Obscure characters are really hard to figure out! She dressed as Flit, the hummingbird from Pocahontas, on the day we went to Animal Kingdom. At least Daisy could tell that she was a bird, too!

One of the most magical moments for us was when Alice realized who J was dressed as!

IMG_7529IMG_7538IMG_7568 Another magical moment was when we met Mickey, and he did a magic trick where he had J draw a card and he guessed it. The card was the Queen of Hearts!


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