Food that looks like Mickey

19 days til Disney, so I figured we would make a little Mickey snack using chocolate chips, white chocolate and 2 sizes of oreos. We also used M& Ms for Mickey’s buttons. Ideally, you would use red melts or add some red food coloring to the white chocolate, for Mickey’s pants. Our son has a food allergy, so we don’t use red anything for him. And we all know that Mickey’s buttons are yellow, but I encourage non-conformity! Mickey oreos are not a unique idea, but even though we have done this one before, the kids didn’t seem to mind! Who doesn’t like food that looks like Mickey?! IMG_5465 IMG_5466 IMG_5468 IMG_5470

In the past, I have made pinwheel cookies shaped like Mickey. You can use chocolate and vanilla or just make vanilla batter and dye it 2 different colors instead. You could also use marzipan cookies to make Disney characters in various colors. You can even use a huge marshmallow, and put it sideways so you show it’s circular side, then use toothpicks to hold 2 regular sized marshmallow “mouse ears” on to make the mouse. I just did that tonight, and we aren’t going to WDW anytime soon! Just keeping it fun!


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