Seriously Fun Learning with Disney World DVDs

Disney has created some absolutely awesome science DVDs that we watch once a year during our countdown to Disney. These DVDs use rides at the parks and have an Imagineer teach you the science behind the rides. My daughter (12) and son (5) both pointed out different things they had learned from the DVDs when we were on certain rides this past visit. This would be fun for first time visitors, but it’s even better for kids that have been there many times, and are familiar with all things Disney. It gives them a more in depth look at the rides and how an Imagineer thinks! We home-school, so this is awesome for us, but they aren’t time consuming, and are far from boring. There are 11-13 DVDs and each one has a different theme. One of them is about Gravity and has a picture of the Tower of Terror on the cover, just to give you an example. I wish that we owned all of them, but we actually get them all through our local library interloan program. So they are free! They are called: The Science of Disney Imagineering

There is another DVD that I would recommend for younger kids.Donald in Mathmagicland. Obviously, this one focuses on math.

So, when the kids popped the balloon that told them we had only 21 days left until Disney, inside was a paper saying that they were to watch a Disney learning DVD as that day’s activity.


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