Mickey Monday: Lion King

IMG_5432 Hakuna Matata! This Mickey Monday, I tried to turn our dining room into a jungle scene from Simba’s time with Puumba and Timon. I used paper leaves and raffia vines, and some cardboard tubes turned into trees. We had the Broadway Lion King music playing in the background as we ate. I decorated the table with little Lion King Simbas that my husband gave me years ago, and tried to recreate lion fur with the makeshift table runner, made out of fabric scraps. IMG_5428 I had coloring pages for my kids if they wanted somehting to do while we waited for dinner. My boy enjoyed putting together a puzzle that I got from the library. IMG_5427 My husband went with a carnivore theme for dinner! He made turkey legs and lamb, which is pretty fancy for us! It looked incredibly cool, and we teased the kids that it was really zebra. IMG_5430

IMG_5433 I named tonight’s drink, Hakuna Matata . I can’t be sure, but it was likely fruit juice & gingerale maybe (with drink umbrellas!) in green cups. This was a really special dinner, and lots of fun! But the fun wasn’t over after dinner!

IMG_5434 IMG_5444

I got out the face paint and gave myself a lion make over. My daughter wanted to look like a snow leopard. Then we played a couple of games. IMG_5443 This is Lion Fight, where we tried to grab each others tails. We also played Laughing Hyenas. I’ve included rules for these games below. I wanted to have us make hula skirts like Timon’s, but we just didn’t have time.

IMG_5438 IMG_5437

Then my little penguin and leopard enjoyed their buggy dessert of dirt!
Lion Fight:
Once all the kids have their tails in place (if needed use belts and hang the cat tails from the belt), you can let them know that they are going to play Cat Tails.

We the Party Host can then explain that each of the players is a Cat and the other players (Cats) must run around and either stomp on the tail (if it hangs on the ground) with their feet or pull the tail off (Option 2 cat tails or shorter cloth tails) using their hands.

Goal of each cat is to remove the other cats tails while keeping your own cat tail on!

Laughing Hyenas:
• Have the children sit in a large circle. Sit with them so you can judge who’s in and who’s out.
• Starting with the birthday child, ask them to say or do something silly. Whoever laughs is out and has to become a hyena and sit in the middle of the circle.
• Whoever sits in the middle of the circle has to start acting silly (making funny faces, etc) but without talking.
• The number of hyenas in the middle of the circle will accumulate as the game proceeds.
• Now the person to the right of the birthday child gets to say or do something silly while those in the middle act silly. Whoever laughs at this person or the hyenas in the middle are also out.
• The last person left is the winner!


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