The Gospel in Disney Devotional: Lion King

For our 25th days left until Disney Sunday, we did this devotional: The Gospel in Disney.

It was easy to see the truth in The Lion King, with a father who sacrificed his life for his son. You can see the evil in Scar, who can act nice, but underneath only wants our destruction. Remind you of someone else? When Simba was with Puumba and Timon, they preached “Hakuna Matata”, no worries! Simba was like the Prodigal son in a way, as he HAD responsibilities, but he ran away from them.

We need to remind ourselves every day that we are God’s child and that he has a purpose for our lives.

We enjoyed playing videos or just listening to the songs from Lion King, which I had sprinkled through the lesson. I found these online as I used the laptop to teach them.

This devotional went really well with our Mickey Monday the next day, which was the same theme!


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