Days 30, 29, 28 and 27

Today started our personal countdown charts! There are so many versions online, and we have used various ways of counting down, but this year, we just printed ready made charts. The charts were free and the kids stuck Mickey stickers (dollar store) on their charts every day so they always knew how many days were left.

We were studying Norway this week, so with 30 days to go, we were supposed to make Elsa & Anna’s Norwegian inspired heart baskets from Family Fun. IMG_8327You only need scissors and paper, and having the pattern from Family Fun really helps, too. At the moment, the link isn’t working. We did end up making this, but not on the day we were supposed to. This craft was perfect for my 12 year old daughter, a little too challenging for my 9 year old niece, and I couldn’t even get my 5 year old to come and try the paper weaving, so he just played with the baking soda “snow” we had left over from Sunday.

With 29 days to go, we accepted the balloon of the day’s challenge and listened to Disney music all day long! I like (Disney Theme Park Audio)

We never did complete our 28th day, but it would have been cool! Thinking about Tomorrowland Speedway, I was going to have the kids do a few driving challenges; learning to park, 3 point turn & serpentine through orange cones. Maybe we’ll try this in the spring!

For day 27, my daughter wrote an e-mail to Disney, letting them know how excited we were to be coming to visit soon. She also told them about her desire to work for Disney some day. She used this e-mail: She was sooo excited when they returned her e-mail and told her about the college program they have and invited her to check it out. This ended up being one of the best things we did in this countdown, although I doubt my son even remembers this day.


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