Mickey Monday: Mission Space

With 30 days til our Disney trip, we celebrated with a Mickey Monday with a Mission Space theme. We were really hoping that our little 5 year old was going to be tall enough to ride Mission Space this year! My husband even measured him a few times before the trip. He did end up being able to ride, all except one time… in the evening. I guess you really DO shrink during the day!

IMG_5342 That brings us to my kids, waiting patiently on the couch, while Daddy put dinner together and Mommy threw some decorations up. This was probably the least effort we put into a Mickey Monday this year, but it was still fun! I just tossed up the solar system, some silver star spirals and some star confetti on the black table. I also filled up a ball pit and covered it with a blue shower curtain to make it look like a rocket. I did create some cool drinks by using glow bracelets sandwiched between 2 cups.  IMG_5347IMG_5350

Dinner was a hoagie, shaped like a rocket.

After dinner, the fun continued! IMG_5354 IMG_5359 IMG_5355 We tossed stars into the rings for different amounts of points.

IMG_5366 We did a little Saturn Hula hoopin’.

IMG_5358 I had a star lollypop &  a crazy straw in their drinks for fun.

IMG_5370 IMG_5368 I found some challenges online that mimic astronaut training, and our first challenge in Space Training was • Crew assembling training:  putting a puzzle together with gloves on. Next was • Mission Control: Learn to stand on one foot and throw the ring frisbee in a certain direction. J was excited to ring the top of the ball pit “rocket”.


“Commander Crunches”


IMG_5382  It was so funny to watch my 5 year old trying to

• “Pilot Plank” for one minute. He was just lying on the floor, but he thought he was planking!

After completing a couple more tasks in the Astronaut Mission Training Program, the kids earned their Mission certificates. (sideways pic :p) j mission spaceThey also got a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars, which I had been going to stick all over the ceiling in the dining room.

IMG_5392 The kids had fun playing with Moon Sand that we made, even though it wasn’t as awesome as the stuff they sell at the store!

Making moon sand
Mix together: 4 cups sand glitter 2 cups cornstarch 1 cup of water.

Last of all, we had dessert which was Astronaut ice cream!IMG_5386

The ice cream sandwiches were really yummy!


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