Day 36 was a day to learn

Have you heard of the Utilidors at the Magic Kingdom? If you haven’t, you should look into it! Magic Kingdom has a “basement” of sorts; lots of complicated hallways and rooms for the castmembers to use to get things done out of sight of the guests. Using Legos, the kids and I made a much smaller version of the Utilidors and learned about this other side of Disney. I had forgotten how much fun building with Legos can be! Another idea for this was to use boxes and have them going through the house. Then the kids could see how they could get from one room to another without being seen by other people. But Will (my husband) didn’t notice the “SAVE THIS!” I had written on that large box in the basement, and went on a cleaning spree literally days before Day 36. The box was tossed and I improvised! In the end, I think using Legos was much better. However, I don’t have any pictures of our utilidor, sorry!


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