Mickey Monday: Toy Story

Our favorite day of the week is easily the day that most people in the world dread! During our countdowns we call them Mickey Mondays. We have a party for dinner and after on Mickey Mondays. You can spend just a few minutes decorating the dining room around the table. I started out doing that, but now I can stay up all night decorating! I can say this; the kids appreciate it! I usually decorate after they go to bed and they love trying to guess what theme it is before popping the balloon.

Day 38 had a Mickey Monday with a Toy Story theme. I decided to turn our dining room into Sunnyside Daycare from the 3rd movie. IMG_5273 IMG_5272

The kids enjoyed playing here all day, so much so that I had to set it all up pretty right before Daddy came home. I gathered up stuff from our playroom, and dug through the toys for all the ones from the movies. I had to be sneaky, too, since I didn’t want to give away the theme!IMG_5264 IMG_5257 I think that the real magic is in all the little details.I had toys hiding under the hutch, just like they were in the movie. I used the kids old artwork that I’ve saved over the years as a decoration. I dug out their old toys that they used to love best, but now have either grown too old for or just have new favorites.IMG_5250Decorating sets the mood, but there are other special things that set Mickey Mondays apart.IMG_5269

I made the kids a themed lunch today, although I usually wouldn’t have, but I was already making hot dogs, why not make it a slinky dog?! My husband is our chef, and he takes up the challenge every week to make our dinner super special and keeps with the theme, too! IMG_5277 IMG_5276 We just had Pizzas this week with salads on Toy Story plates. My daughter likes to Disney Bound, which means she likes to dress up like different characters from movies, but in a modern way. More on this at another time, but for today, she was Disney Bounding as Dolly. She really did a good job, even down to the button bracelet she made.IMG_5305I try to make a special drink for dinner, too. IMG_5281

After dinner, we have some fun playing games. The kids had to see if they could spot 12 soldiers spying on them. We played “There’s a Snake in my Boot” where they had to see if they could find the rubber snake after I mixed up the boots. That’s why my son is wearing my boots for when we played Hot Potato with a twist, using the Toy Story music we were listening to all night.IMG_5289 Since we don’t have dessert after dinner on a regular basis, Daddy’s desserts are always a highlight of the evening! Tonight was no exception!IMG_5297IMG_5300 IMG_5299 Now do you see why we all love Mickey Mondays?


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