39 Days & Epcot learning

On Sundays, I kept with my theme of life, which is to try and point everything back to God. I used inspiration from different Disney movies. Today we looked at The Incredibles, which is one of our favorite movies. In retrospect, I did this week wrong, because I just read the kids a little message I wrote (or found and tweaked), and didn’t give them anything to do while I talked. I did however do this for the rest of the Sundays, which you will find out if you keep reading past today.  Here is The Incredibles lesson .

At the end of the lesson, the kids watched the movie.

Remember the UK flag that was behind my daughter in the picture yesterday? There are 11 countries represented at Epcot, and I wanted the kids to learn a little bit about them before our visit. So we spent a week learning about a different country each week. (We didn’t have enough weeks from the start of the school year to learn about the USA before our trip, so we saved it for after.) I made each kiddo a very simple passport that they could work on before we left and then take to get  stamped at Epcot.  IMG_5327 Each week, my youngest would help me make a flag representing the country we were going to study. We focused on  general information, such as landmarks, languages and currency. We learned to say “Thank you” in each language so that they could thank the castmembers when they gave us a stamp in our passport. We borrowed a lot of books from the library as well as music.

IMG_5324 IMG_5325IMG_5323

We tried to learn about an artist and composer from each country as well. It’s also important to me that the kids are able to locate each country on a map. For fun, we created a craft from that country when we had time. Every Friday, I gave my daughter a test and then we celebrated with a special treat of that country. For example, I made Empanadas for the week we studied Mexico!



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