40 Days til Disney

For the last few years, I have been celebrating our Disney Vacations with a countdown for my kids. Every day, we try to do something Disney related. It is usually something small, and I plan it out in advance so that we aren’t doing something complicated on the days we have other things on the calendar, such as Dance class, Soccer practice or church.

After I had planned out all the days, I needed a fun way to tell the kids what we would be doing that day. In the past, we have used a plain black mailbox and put paper Mickey ears on it. The kids would look in the mickey mailbox every day to see what we were doing. This year’s countdown was a paper house I copied from the movie, Up! I made it out of poster-board and numbered balloons. The kids would pop a balloon each day to find the little paper inside that told them that day’s activity. I am not a perfect mom, which is why we occasionally have to do more than one activity to make up for days we didn’t get to. Some days ended up never getting done at all. I’m going to share one day at a time with you, to explain what we did.


We started off our 40 days til Disney by making Mickey Pizzas! This was a blast, and tasted good, too. The crust recipe was the one my mom used to make for us when I was a kid. Behind the kids, you can see the Up! house with the numbered balloons from our countdown. You might also see the UK flag, which I’ll talk more about in another post.


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